Oct 9, 2006

prairie view - k country today

what an incredible holiday monday. i hope you were able to get outside and enjoy some of it. the hike today was great - 2 hrs of tough slogging up brought us to an incredible peak with views in all directions and bright sunshine in a cloudless sky to keep us warm. once at the bottom a few of us decided to go have a beer at the saloon in bragg creek. what greeted us was very cold beers and a FREE! turkey dinner on behalf of the saloon. it was awesome - super good and just enough! nice way to finish of the long weekend.


Velodrome racer said...

Good job Mr. Carter. I don't think i've ever considered going to the top of prairie view with out my mtb.That's a pretty good hall by foot.


The Experience said...

Is that prairie view? I would never think of hiking it, that's for sure.

Let'd do beer this week. If you want, we can call it training.