Apr 3, 2009


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inspired by one of the toughest one-day bike races in the world - the tour of flanders - and some guys in portland who have been doing a similar ride in the portland area for a couple years now - i present to you - Le Ronde Von Cowtown.

78kms of "hellingen", begininng in eau claire and finishing at fergus and bix pub. the route is mostly pavement, sprinkled with the odd gravel section or busted tarmac. the ride takes you through many of calgary's urban neighbourhoods - eventually heading up COP road and tackling the hills in coach hill and springbank areas.

UPDATE - i went out today (apr4) in an attempt to ride the loop. i was unable to finish the circuit, as my digits began complaining at the cold wind blowing - however - the course from eau claire to cote de mackay was completed and i must say it is pretty tough. i was even forced to walk a short section of the mur de alley climb - next time i'm gonna crush that section!

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DalRock said...

that's a nice little mission.