Apr 20, 2009


i have been searching around looking for more wine selections featuring bicycles on the labels, or bicycling culture in one way or another without much success. while these next selections may not appear to fall under my "cycling wines" category - appearances can be deceiving.

specifically, the appearance (and construction) of the packaging.

if you have ridden bikes whislt consuming/transporting alcoholic beverages, you have definitely dropped said beverage(s) at one point or another. i have lost full bottles of red wine out of my bottlecage - at full speed (trying to beat a red light), dropped 2-4's off my handlebars and otherwise mistreated perfectly harmless liquor. this is always sad.

no worries with this "bottle" of wine. being of the species tetrapak makes this wine perfect for transporting by bike. no broken bottles in a pannier. no ejecting-vino from your bottle cage. lightweight too!

we wont even talk about the twist-off, replacable cap and a shape that fits a bottlecage perfectly!

so, the first one we tried was the merlot 2007. full disclosure, i thought this wine was going to be very average beacuse of the funky "bottle" - however i was very happily surprised by the fruity bouquet and the refreshing flavours. it was actually really good! i am not going to even try to give you some wine-snob-hoity-toity-oaky-tannin shitspeak. its tasted great. i followed the temperature recommendation on the packaging - 16c - and it was very refreshing and yummy.

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