Apr 16, 2009

hello from "tunder baie"!

well...what can i say about this place....hmmm....home of the sleeping giant. i took a drive up to the lookout at mt.mckay today to take in the view of "the giant" and the surrounding area - pretty cool actually. i wish i had my camera - le sigh - so instead, just click on the link above.

travelling here yesterday had us flying over winnipeg, and if you have been paying any attention to the news lately youll know that southern manitoba is dealing with some very severe flooding. how bad is it? pretty bad. from the window of the plane the flooding is beyond description - water overland as far as you could see south of winnipeg, looking very much like a small inland sea. i heard on the radio today that the city of winnipeg has declared a state of emergency and is requesting 600+ more people to help fill sand bags. crazy!

man-o, am i glad i live on top of a hill!

today will involve me running around doing my sales rep thing - and then - and then - i am planning on going to see "the united steel workers of montreal" tonite. its either this show or the cannible corpse show - not sure i need to stoke my tinnitus further at that one! bleeding ears can be fun too, non?

it will be nice to get out and see some live music tonite - being on the road can be a drag sometimes but live music usually makes it all ok.

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