Apr 13, 2009


my pictures are here...

hats off to the the GTBF - good job!

considering how early in the spring this tourney was held, and how ominous looking the clouds were all weekend - the rain and snow stayed away long enough for the teams from east van, calgary, and golden to start the polo season off with a bang. many of us expected that one of the east van teams would eventually walk away with the title - and sure enough, the team of martin, john and polly cleaned up - but not without a fight from the "old sods" grasscourt team from calgary - consisting of the franzky, bolno and mike.

the weekend events started off with an "alleycat" in golden on saturday night. with a light rain falling, we set off in search of the checkpoints. a few of us ended up getting lost and as a result did not complete the course - opting to head to the finish and get some beers in us instead. i think john from east van was first and polly from east van was second.

sunday dawned with beautiful sunshine and much anticipation for the polo action to come. i wont even try reporting on the matches - just look at the photos and add in your favorite sports commentator voice. personally, i'll never forget howard cosell's voice.

well done golden, see ya in july and hopefully again next spring!

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