Apr 23, 2009


this classic race is happening this weekend - the same race that inspired the movie "Breaking Away", which won an Oscar for best screenplay. over 25,000 people come out to watch the race, with separate mens and womens events. the teams consist of 4 riders each, using the same bike which is setup with a singlespeed/coaster brake. it is run as a relay with teams entering a "pit" area to make the transfers and the track is a flat gravel skin eater!

there is a good article here with more info on the event. if you havent seen the film, its worth a watch - i especially like the scene where the main character is drafting a truck down the hiway at 60mph - in the small chainring!

or maybe its the scene where his dad catches him shaving his legs and singing opera.

in fact, i think my favorite for real is when one of the riders from the italian "cinzano" team takes his frame pump and stuffs it into the protagonists front wheel - during a race! really - who carries a frame pump in a race?

anyway, a good movie, that still stands the test of time.

UPDATE - more on this story, and a video of the finish of this years race here...

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